Many of our items ship within 5-7 business days. There are exceptions and those are listed below.

Cup Turners - Our cup turners typically ship within 3-4 weeks after your purchase date. Please remember that you CANNOT use a PO Box when ordering cup turners as we ship them via UPS. IF for some reason you do not put a physical address, we will ship your items via USPS and we will not be able to refund any shipping difference.

Custom Tumblersshipping time for custom tumblers will depend on volume. As of 6/20/2022, the turnaround time is 16 weeks. That means any orders placed from 6/20/2022 fall in that turnaround time.Please note that once we have confirmed design via email, no further changes can be made. Also, once your order has been placed, we cannot add to that order. You will have to make an additional order. If at anytime you decide to cancel you order, there will be a 10% restocking fee. These tumblers are handmade and attention to detail is put into each one. If you placed your order with us from Tik Tok, please note that we will try to show your cup being made during one of our lives. However, we cannot possibly complete each cup on a live. 

Clear Cast - our clear cast decals can take 7-10 business days to ship. We do try to get them out quicker, but those are our standard times.

We use the method of shipping that you select at checkout. So for example, if you select USPS First Class, that is how we will ship your order.

Please know that there are times where issues occur within the post office. We are NOT a company that believes that once your package leaves our hands, it is no longer our problem. If your package is late, missing, or damaged, we will work with you every step of the way to resolve the issue.