Collection: CUP TURNERS

All of our turners are handcrafted, with attention to detail and functionality put front and center. Our TAT on our turners is typically 4 weeks but we try our best to get them out before that. We give updates in both of our groups if any issues occur, so feel free to join these groups: Midlands Vinyl VIP group and Tumbler Mayhem & More on Facebook.

Here are few facts about our turners:

  • Each come with individual ON/OFF switches
  • Each rotate in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction
  • We try to keep our turners down to one power cord
  • All turners come with a stationary drying rack that correspond with the number of turners. So if you order a 6 cup, you get 6 drying racks, a 2 cup comes with 2 drying rack, etc.
  • All turners come with a PVC detachable arm
  • Most turners come with a 5-6rpm motor, but if you need something different, just let us know!

We also give our customers the option to have the turner fully customized. Just send us an email at and we can work with you to get you the turner of your dreams!

We back our turners with an automatic 45 day warranty. If an issue occurs outside of your warranty date, we will still work with you to resolve any issues. We offer help via phone, email, and video conferencing.