Turquoise Leopard 2 Concealer Decal


These designs are offered in white vinyl as well as clear cast vinyl for our concealers. 

Concealers can be found HERE

The full sheet can be found HERE

The best application method is the wet method:

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and a drop or two of dish soap & shake well
  • Remove the vinyl backing exposing the adhesive side
  • Light spray the back of the vinyl and/or your concealer
  • Place the vinyl on the concealer starting in the middle and working your way out
  • Be sure to press firmly or use a felt tip squeegee to help remove excess water
  • Dry with a lint free cloth or a coffee filter 

*Please note that there may be color variations due to monitor displays*

*Due to cutting variations, there may be very slight differences in the example photo versus the actual product*