The Showcaser


The Showcaser is a device that will spin your tumbler on a flat disc top to display all sides of your custom made tumbler for the customers to see. Showcasing your work is the best way to grow your business as well as your audience. This item will have the option to have your business name engraved on the top disc plate or to be blank. 

This item has the option to have your business logo, or business name to be engraved into the top plate for display.

***Please note in the comments section of the order if you want this engraved or blank, please include your business name that you want to have engraved on the plate****

The under carriage it the housing that holds the motor and turning plate that has metal bearings to ensure a smooth turn cycle. On/off switch is included to have the unit turn on and off .


**** Please note that these items are not ready to ship, they are made from hand*** They are made to order and require custom designs with every disc plate made.****

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery from purchase date.