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Midlands Vinyl

Custom Tumblers

Custom Tumblers

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 As of 6/20/2022, the turnaround time is 20 weeks. That means ALL CUP orders placed on 6/20/2022 and beyond will have a 20 week turnaround time. Please note that once we have confirmed design via email, no further changes can be made. Also, once your order has been placed, we cannot add to that order. You will have to make an additional order. If at anytime you decide to cancel you order, there will be a 10% restocking fee. These tumblers are handmade and attention to detail is put into each one. If you placed your order with us from Tik Tok, please note that we will try to show your cup being made during one of our lives. However, we cannot possibly complete each cup on a live. 

HOW TO ORDER A CUSTOM TUMBLER: Select your size from the drop down menu. Place design ideas in the notes section at checkout. We will email you once we get to your order to confirm design. 

*We will not begin the process until a design has been agreed upon*

12oz Kid Transitional: comes with a sippy lid & a regular lid

14oz Kid Tumbler: comes with a lid and straw

14oz Mug: comes with lid

14oz Wine Tumbler: comes with lid

20oz Skinny Straight: no taper; comes with straw

30oz Skinny Straight: no taper; comes with straw


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